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Bondora Platform

Bondora got founded in 2009 and is one of the leading peer-to-peer consumer lending platforms in Europe. Bondora is offering consumer loan investment opportunities in Estonia, Latvia and Spain. The platform is one of the longer existing peer-to-peer consumer lending platforms that you can find in Europe.

Reviews and opinions

I have invested on the Bondora platform since November, 2017. Initially I had some doubt about whether or not to invest on this platform. This, because of the different type of opinions you can find about this platform on the web. Generally speaking, the opinions and reviews you can find on the web about Bondora are ranging from very positive to more critical. 

opinions you can find on the web about Bondora are ranging from very positive to more critical

In summary, I have now been investing on this platform for 8 month and I have joined the side of the investors with the positive views.

User friendly website

From all the platforms that I have invested in, I consider the Bondora website as the most user-friendly one to interact with. Bondora is offering a lot of information to their investors and different options to run statistics and analytics about their investment portfolio. Obviously, this is not the main reason for investing on a platform. At the same time, I do believe investing should also be an enjoyable experience. This platform is definitively trying hard to give their investors a great investment experience.

the Bondora website as the most entertaining and user-friendly one to interact with

Predictable returns

More importantly, up till now, my investments are exactly delivering what I was expecting. I did not experience any negative surprises with my portfolio. In this blog, I will share in detail my experiences with the Bondora platform up till now, my current investment portfolio held on this platform and my current achieved income and yield.

Platform statistics

When writing this blog, Bondora had a total loan portfolio issued amounting to €134.1M, delivering an average net return to their investors of 11,5%.  The platform is publishing a targeted return of 13,36% and a return at least of 9,36%. Interestingly, you can see further below that the real return achieved by the investors varies. This, with the largest group of investors (28,5% of investors) achieving a return between 10% and 15%. This likely is the result of the different investment options that Bondora is offering and it is good to note that not all investors are equally successful on this platform.

Different options for investing

Bondora is offering various ways to invest on their platform. I have opted myself for the most simple way to invest on their platform. This by using their standard portfolio manager option and recommended “balanced” investment option. This has resulted into a balanced distribution of loans that I have invested in across the different risk categories.

Bondora is offering various ways to invest on their platform

The platform is also offering the possibility invest manually in loans and a portfolio manager pro option that allows investors to fully customize and select the loans they would like to invest in. I would recommend to use their standard portfolio manager option with a balanced risk profile. This, especially when you start with your first investments on their platform. This will give you some time to get fully familiar with the different options offered on this platform. As you can read further in my blog, this investment option as delivered to me a very reasonable yield on my investments done on the Bondora platform up till now.

How to start investing with Bondora

My investments

Up till now, I have invested €2.000 on the Bondora platform.

Income and yield

My current achieved yield on the Bondora platform is 18,07%, which provides me with a monthly income of €21. Right now, my returns compare favorable with other investors on the platform. Interestingly, Bondora provides insight on how each investors performance ranks with other investors on the platform.

I can see that I am now ranked #2060. I make a return between 15% and 20%, that apparently 10,8% of the investors at the platform make.

Considering that I am only investing on this platform for a relatively short time, and at some point I expect my portfolio will face more delinquencies, I do expect my longer-term return will end up between 10% and 15%.


As I mentioned before, based on my experiences so far on this platform, I am very positive about Bondora. The platform is offering highly attractive returns combined with a fun and user-friendly website user interface. I definitively plan to expand my investments further on this platform in future.

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