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Housers is a leading platform offering real estate opportunities in Spain, Portugal and Italy. They recently started to offer opportunities to invest in art but right now they are still mainly focussed on offering real estate investment opportunities.

I have been investing on the Housers platform myself since October, 2017 and I really started to like them over time. I think they are a great platform if you are interested in making real estate invesments in the Southern Europe Region. I will share some of my personal experiences with Housers below and will share my current investments on their platform

Different type of investments

Housers is offering 3 type of investment opportunities. First offering they make is to invest in so-called development loans.

My investments

As you can see in the below screenshot, I have currently invested € 7.120 in 11 different opportunities across 8 cities and 3 countries.

As you can see I currently have investments done in Madrid, Marbella, Milan, Lisbon, Florence and Valencia. I would be keen to add an investment in Barcelona but there were no recent investment opportunities offered in Barcelona on the platform.

Current average yield achieved on these 11 investments is 4,52%.

For each investment there is a

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